Sunday, 3 February 2013

Quiet weekend...

What a quiet, but good weekend!  I did Meals on Wheels on Saturday and that always makes me feel good as it is a wonderful service for the elderly and sick that cannot prepare a meal for themselves.  I have been doing this for 6 years and will continue until...whenever, as I hope that when I need a service like that they will still be operating!!
Today I haven't been up to much...the usual housework, washing yuckity yuck, and pulling out the weeds out of my front lawn...yawn lol.  A grand exciting life I lead..ha!!!!
A couple of girlfriends came for a visit this afternoon and brought a bottle of wine....or two!  Well.. by the time they left I was very tiddly lol.  I asked my eldest daughter (24) to get tea for her and my youngest (11) and she laughed at me!! As she has not seen me tiddly for a long time..but she got tea ready for the 2 of them...I wasn't hungry.  What a great daughter I have :-).

I finished another art journal page today and thought that I would share with you all, along with another one that I finished the other day.
Hoping you all had a great day!!!


  1. Welcome to blogging! I love your pages especially with the faces. Those eyes look like they are starring back at me! Oh thank you for leaving me a common on my blog.

  2. wow! i love these. i love your depth and your courage. Everything about both of these speak loudly and brilliantly. im glad i found you at julie's.

  3. wow i love the colours you use and your faces are sooo good well done.