Thursday, 21 February 2013

Where do the days go?? WOYWW 194

Wow this week has gone quickly!!  The weather here has been fairly hot and boy do I LOVE my air conditioner hehe!  I went out this morning with some good friends after dropping my youngest daughter at school and had a great hot chocolate (as I don't drink coffee and I make a better cup of tea then the ones bought) at a very classy Cafe'.  Great catch up with the girls.  Then I was only home for a few mins before another friend turned up to go out to lunch. I was taking my friend out for lunch as it was a belated birthday get together for him.
I had my beautiful grandaughter Andie (3yrs) come around for a couple of hours on Monday afternoon and we had a wonderful time together, she is one goergous little girl....and yes I admit I am one proud grandma!!  Her little brother Hueby Dueby (Hugh or Cubie as she calls him) came around with his Mum as he was asleep when I got Andie from her place.  I just love it when Hugh runs in and says "Nanna Nanna"...makes my heart swell with that thing called Nanna love lol!
I have a good friends birthday tomorrow and she and another friend are coming around for lunch, sooo I will have to dust off my rusty cooking skills and make something great for lunch... hmmm search the grey matter for something that is easy, but looks like I spent ages making it!  I love get togethers like this but don't have them too often as usually everyone is at work. So for this friend I am making a birthday card, actually an art journal page card..kinda lol.  Actually you can see it on the desk in the WOYWW photo!
I am so glad that I got the photo only took 4 attempts lol!!

I have been busy this afternoon doing backgrounds using the FANTASTIC Dylusions you get the impression I like them?!  They are great to use and the colours are just sooo delish to you could just lick them off the paper...slight exaggeration there, hehe.  I have used the inks on watercolour paper and copic marker paper and canvas sheets as well as canvas blocks.  It has been very interesting in seeing how the colours take on the different papers. The close up photos and the art journal page above was done on watercolour paper.  I found that it comes out softer and not as bright as when used on normal 110gsm Visual Arts acid free cartridge paper. But I still liked the effect and the texture of the watercolour paper. 
I am still also trying to find my style of art journaling....are some of you feeling the same way??  I get so inspried by all the wonderful art/craft/journal sites that I visit that my mind just boggles with ideas...but there never seems enough hours in the day to do what I want lol!!
Okay it is after 12pm here in Australia, so I had better go and get some beauty sleep.....or just sleep!  Will get up early and do the blog hop for WOYWW 194 and see what the wonderful ladies from around the world have on their desks.
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Wow it's all go at your place isn't it! That's the life, coffee out, lunch out, dinner out hopefully? I love your art journal, especially the white highlighting, it really lifts it. I'm glad it's warm somewhere, -9C here in Michigan!

    Brenda 114

  2. What a beautiful card. I'm sure your friend will love it. I'm struggling to find my own way in art journalling too - I'm new to it and am mind boggled too! Have a great week. Kim #70

  3. Janene,

    What a beautiful card. You are so sweet to spend so much time on the card -- it is a true gift.

    Tea with friends is always a special occasion. Sounds like you had some cutie visitors too.

    I enjoy looking at all the color in your art.

    Have a blessed day friend!

    Belinda (66)

  4. So Gorgeous, I LOVE what you have created x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #72

  5. Hi Janene! I was visiting around the end of the list on WOYWW, and found you. I notice that you have not been blogging for long, so I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your art journal work is, and encourage you to keep art journaling, sharing what you know, and keep at your blog! I am certainly not the most successful blogger, but I am also 52, and new to art journaling just in the past few months, and I agree it is the most wonderful therapy! And so is blogging. I dabble around in a few things, but something about the art journaling is magical, and I was really excited when my teenage daughter caught on to it as well! So, nice to meet you, and come visit me! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #113

  6. I just love visiting your desk and seeing your fantstic artwork..Happy WOYWW Gill x #103

  7. you are one very busy nanna but you sound like you are having a great time, what about pasta for the meal quick and easy.
    Your page is beautiful and yes the colours are amazing so much fun to use
    Wishing you a really great WOYWW
    Ria #73

  8. Yes I love those inks too ! Must experiment with watercolour paper !! Great page ! I don't think I have a style - just do what ever moves me that day ! Have a fun with your visitors tomorrow ! Ali #27

  9. Wow! You are certainly busy. Love the colours, so I've seen your blog, I think you would love the light in my craft room, despite it's teeny tiny size :) Thanks for swinging by my blog. Cx #100

  10. Love your art-journal-page-birthday-card! What a lucky friend you have :)

    Lórien #161

  11. Hi, Janene.Your work is beautiful. I am happy to see another with "silver threads."

  12. What a lovely page, the colours are very soothing & I really like your woman looking downwards. Like you, I am in Australia & relatively new to art journaling. And like you I am enjoying the play. I'm sure my style will emerge someday soon... until then I just keep having fun!

  13. Hi! Your work is beautiful! I have been considering starting my own art journal for some time now and am feeling inspired by your wonderful pages! Happy woyww (even though by now it is Tuesday!)

    Lauren x