Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Busy week and WOYWW 201

Hello everyone!  I hope that your week has been full of love and craft/art!  It has been a busy week for me and guess what......I start a new job tomorrow...yipeeee.  It is part time and only for 2 days a week but it is a start and a foot in the door.  I am looking forward to this job as I will be working for people that I have worked along side before and so we know we are not an unknown quantity to each other, which is a good thing sometimes.  What is great too is that I have finally got my car registered, only 10 days after the rego was due....but hey better late then never.  My feet will be grateful lol!!  But I will keep walking to get some fitness that I have seemed to have lost due to sitting on my bum too much doing art journaling and watching TV!

I have also been busy doing some journaling pages and getting ready for the next art journal class.  The first one was a great success, the ladies that came were wonderful and a pleasure to teach and we had lots of laughs.  I am really looking forward to the next class in 3 weeks.  Some of the ladies want to use an art journal and do a page a month, and I said that sounds great and we can do that!  I am game!!  I just love showing people what they can do and see the 'Oh wow did I do that' look on their faces.  What a joy!

This is my VERY messy desk this week, haha but I do love the mess!  The Dyan Reaveley's art journal is starting to get plenty of use now as I love the fact that nothing is getting through the pages!  But I still go back to my visual art diary when I just want to muck around lol! 

 OMG what has happened with Blogger????  I got these photos up lickerty split!!!!  Screaming and doing the happy dance.....  I can now say..I love you Blogger lol!!

The first art journal page I decided to try and do a Tracy Bautista face with my own twist on it.  The second page I did with various The Crafters Workshop stencils to show the ladies in my class what they can do with them.

Ok off to add my name to the wonderful Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground list for WOYWW!  Looking forward to catching up with all the wonderful friends that I have been following.  Tick, big cup of tea next to me, and tick comfy chair to sit in while I blog hop!

Have a great day!!



  1. LOVE your Art Journal pages - Fabulous x
    Its great too that blogger seems to have settled down again :)
    Happy WOYWW Heather #73

  2. Those bright coloured pages are lovely! Specially the bird one. I love those CW stencils too! (Just bought some a few weeks ago when I went to Finnabair workshop.)
    RosA #85

  3. Morning Janene, Thanks for stopping by . The stencils are crafter workshop ones & the large on i've had for a while now & was brought to use with scrapbooking because its a 12x12 size. great journal pages also. Jill #45

  4. Beautiful work. Your pages are gorgeous. Good luck with your new job
    Famfa 97

  5. Holy moly girl! What fab pages! Wow! I'm in awe.... Thanks for the early visit. Yea a few minutes of alone play time for Baby as her sister, T was off napping. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan #9

  6. i thought that face had a tracy bautista feel to it...
    and congrats on the new job - maybe the 2 days will grow into more, if you want/need...
    a very happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 4

  7. Hi Janene, congratulations on the new job - let's hope it leads to bigger things :) Your art journal pages are beautiful. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #41

  8. Hi Janene,

    Congrats on the new job. It is nice that you know the people already! Bonus!!

    I love your art journal pages. How fun that you have a group of ladies that want to meet once a month. Very cool!!

    I just became your latest follower - can't wait to come back and visit.

    Also, thanks for visiting me already! We are still getting snow, but not enough to call a "snow day" at work...

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (12)

  9. Fabulous art journal pages! Looks great. :) Happy WOYWW! Tammy #78

  10. You think that is messy? Nah! Love your journal pages.

    Cazzy x 114

  11. congrats on the new job i hope it wont intefere with your crafting. I love the painting of the lady, great colouring and mixing
    janet #25

  12. great artwork! I have now had a glass of wine and I am still trying to visit everyone so my message may be incoherent lol! jenx 129

  13. Such bright and happy pages!!! These are fantastic! Good luck with your new job too.

    Jeannie #32

  14. Awesome Journaling!! Makes me want to try it!!Happy WOYWW! Ginny #91