Wednesday, 24 April 2013

WOYWW 203....How time flies!

Hello everyone!  This week has crept up on me!   I want to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone that visited my blog and left such lovely comments.  I try to get around as many people as I can, but it is hard to get to everybody :-(.  

I had a great visit with my brother and it was hard to see him go.  I have been doing a few art journal pages and of course my desk is NEVER tidy these days hehe.  I get in a painting groove and I don't want to stop for anything and then I get my youngest daughter saying what's for tea Mum......gees Louise, I think,.... I have to stop for life!

Here is my weekly photo of  THE desk lol...

I have finally gotten all of the Dylusions Inks...yippee!!  Beautiful colours and so much fun to play with.  On Monday I had my kids art journal class and there ended up being 13!!!  I thought what have I gotten myself into.....but it was so much fun and they were a great bunch of girls and they want another class next holidays :-).  I am game......I think!  No it will be good and I have the adults class in just over a week and I hope that one goes as well as the first.

I finished these two pages the other day and I have two more on the go! 

I am going to pop over the Julia's at Stamping Ground to check out more desks from around the world and catch up with people that I now consider friends :-).   Ahhh just get my big cuppa ready and off I go!  Have a fantastic day xxx.


  1. Hi there. Thanks for the peek into your creative world. Love Dylusions, I've already had to replace a few colours and more are getting dangerously low! Great pages and I know what you mean about the What's for tea.... I get the same!


  2. Thanks for stopping by - yes, cherry pie is fab (that was the first time I'd used it! shame about knocking the bottle over and drips going onto the!) Love your desk, and th journal.. Have a wonderful day. Helen 2

  3. always busy and inspiring! it's a bummer when life gets in the way, and you have to stop and cook :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 1 - can't believe it!!

  4. Hi Janene fab collection of colour on your desk today. I know what you mean - why do folk have to eat? ;-) Art sustains. I always find it the best way to miss lunch. Your Art Journal has inspired me to get my journal out. lovely work. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 33

  5. Brilliant pages, they look wonderful!

    I know what you mean about a tidy desk, I have just tidied mine and had no time to do anything, so its looking sparkly and will never last!

    Happy WOYWW

    Amy #77

  6. Hi Janene, lovely array of Dylusional goodies on your desk and I can well imagine they are fun to work with. Not surprised your kids' art journal class was a hit but notice it was all girls that attended. If it wasn't for Neil, I'd believe guys don't craft :) Thanks for sharing. Have a great WOYWW and an enjoyable week. Elizabeth x #53

  7. Cor Blimey - all of the Dylusions. Lucky you, I have a few but not all of them. Such scrummy colours. Diane lives not far from me - about an hour away by car. Must check her workshops!
    Glad your class went well and good luck for the adult version.
    Hope brother comes back to see you soon.
    Hugs and thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet xx 4

  8. I am so pleased that you managed to have a great time with your brother and I understand how hard it was to see him go, I had that same feeling when I had to drive away from my sister.
    Your desk is looking good and I just love looking at all your inks, I just got four new ones in the post they are so lovely to use.
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  9. Wow I love your pages! That picture of the lady is stunning! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Have a great week.

  10. Beautiful pages. Love the one on the left. Gorgeous colors. Happy Wednesday! SueC#93

  11. All those lovely colors of Dylusions. I haven't even bought one yet! (I'm not complaining, it's just that there are so many wonderful things to work with that I don't know which product to buy next, and that's a fun problem to have)!

    Happy WOYWW Kathi #105

  12. Hi Janene,

    I really like the saying on your journal page! Absolutely so true!!!!

    So glad your class was a success and the girls want to do it again. Very cool. Budding artists in the making!

    Thank you for visiting me already.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Kay (14)

  13. Look at all those wonderful paints! Love your journal page and its message!
    Anna #97

  14. What a great idea to do the class for the girls pleased it went well
    Pages look great
    Jackie 15

  15. Lovely jounal pages!
    Karen #64

  16. OH look at all those little soldiers lined and ready for action. I hope you get time to play, I always think life is what happens when you dont have time to craft. thanks for sharing
    janet #23

  17. They doooo look like soldiers! All in a row...Fabulous pages, always really bright! and Yes, I AM a punch addict I do have quite a few of them! (More than my very small local shop!) the seahorses were done on printable acetate... the one I bought came with paper stuck down one side, so I printed on that first, and coloured them all (I had the seahorses faces both ways so two could be stuck together, I printed on the acetate, as soon as it came ut of the printer I threw embossing powder over it, and carefully heat set it, then stuck them all together! took ages!! Thank you for your visit! Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #47

  18. Hi Janene, Thanks for stopping by earlier. The paintbrush stamp you asked about is by Here's the link:
    They carried it at my local store but they do have it at the website for a penny cheaper than I paid for it. lol! ;) Really glad the Oprah quote came at a good time! Thinking about you. Hugs, Sue

  19. Going by all those little bottles, looks like you have the new colours as well. I only have the original 12. Love your journal pages.

    As for scrapping, I have been putting all my photos in albums since I was 17yrs having extracted a selection from my Mother/Father/Step Father's cardboard box of years beforehand.

    I got into scrapping in 2005 and backtracked to Dec 2003 when I got my digital camera as I hadn't printed any off for albums, to I guess nearly 10 years of scrapping albums about 600 pages..... GOSH!

    Thanks for visiting me yesterday, I'm a bit behind answering BJ#31

  20. Really nice pages! Especially love the bold pink side with the lovely butterfly's and flowers. Lovely page loads to look at. Jules No 48

  21. Oh my goodness, you can delusion to your hearts content lol
    Bridget #38

  22. Ohhh, love seeing those supplies! Happy crafting & happy woyww :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Jana #121

  23. Your journal pages are fab, happy belated WOYWW.
    Dawn #30

  24. You are so sweet to even try to make it around to all the desks...I think the most I've ever made it to was like 30 or so! lol :) But I do return visits and thank you for leaving me a comment on my desk already. Your desk has even more to see than mine with all those fab Dylusions on there! I'm glad your childrens class went well and I hope your adults class does too. Have a great rest of WOYWW! #135~Deeyll

  25. Lucky you with all those Dylusion sprays! I have a few and I love using them. Great journal pages! Thanks for visiting,Chris#136

  26. Hi Janene! I think it's my first time visiting you and I enjoyed the visit! Your enthusiasm radiates from the page! Those darn kids and having to stop to eat, what a pain!! LOL! Your art work is amazing and I can imagine that you are a terrific teacher! Have a wonderful week! (Sorry, I'm so late getting around.) Darnell #52

  27. Kudos on the Dylusion spray collection!! I have two and I really need to buckle down and put them to work lol. Lovely pages. Thanks for visiting my blog. #88