Wednesday, 28 August 2013


WOW where has the last week gone???!!!!  I feel like Christmas is next week and I have to hurry and get things done lol!! 

The class I taught last Friday went really well and I have to say I love doing them and the ladies that come are just wonderful and eager to learn new things.  I tell them that we learn together :-).

This is my desk for this week....
I have a very messy desk this week....who am I kidding I ALWAYS have a messy desk lol!!  I have been practicing with the pan pastels, I must say that I think I will love these!!  Also on the desk are a couple of Tim Holtz alphabet die strips as I am sick of buying alphabets stickers, rub ons etc so I thought that these would be great and I can make my own.  Well now I have to get the longer plates for the Cuttlebug that my cousin left me as the normal plates are not long enough and I don't feel like turning them around all the time.  So the longer plates are an investment I say, and I can use more then one embossing folder at a time, that is how I justify spending the money hehehe!

Also on the desk are the start of the next class, using some Prima wood embellishments and some lovely scrapbook paper and I am going to create a forest scene for an art journal page and a canvas as well. It will be fun and I will show the finished product in the next couple of weeks.

Michelle from my local craft store rang to let me know that Dyan Reavely's new jumbo ink spray pads and mini journal had arrived that I had ordered.  Of course I had to go straight away and get them lol....I am such and art supply junkie...oh heaven help me!!
I LOVE the pads and I have one for the warm and cold coloured inks and what fun I have been having.  I decided to use the mini journal straight away and did a tribute for to my late husband Steve. I love putting my feelings on paper in pictures, VERY therapeutic.

My beautiful grandchildren have arrived to spend a couple of hours with Nanna, so until next week, have much fun and lots of love in your life :-).  I have to say a big thank you to Julia over at Stamping Ground for letting us all join in for the WOYWW!!

Janene x


  1. I always visit my neighbors first!
    Lovely mess and journal pages.
    thanks for the snoop around and hope you find time to visit.
    Robyn 19

  2. Excellent journal pages - I like the hearts in the bright red.
    April #24

  3. Love all the goodies on your desk! Oh I would kill to get my hands on some pan pastels! You're so lucky! giggle...having one than one desk just means the mess is spread around and allows for more mess. I really do need to tidy up as I don't like my studio to be such a mess. Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #21

  4. lol yep your right we can always use the stuff later. My son was standing over me while you was on saying look there is someone on from the downunder.. So I had to check.. good for him he was right. :-) I love the shadow people but I haven't don't any yet.. another thing on my list. Thanks for the peek. Roberta #40

  5. the long plates are great!! I have them for my big shot... looks like you grabbed a few new essentials from your craft store!! Have a lovely week. Helen 23

  6. TY for the visit, and such a sweet comment. I'm really sorry about your hubby. I can't imagine. It's definitely a life changing experience. I LOVE your blog, it's so visually appealing. (you have a new follower :D) Your art journal pages are AWESOME!! Don't ya just love the Dylusions?? I am slowly working on owning all of Dyan's stuff. It's a bit on the expensive side for me, so it's a little here a little there. I recently found her stamps for sale online for 50% off so I snagged a bunch. Happy Hump day!!! (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #1

  7. if you're always busy creating, you'll always have a messy desk, janene :)
    thanks for dropping by already, and for visiting my new shop. i'm glad you like the tea painting :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week!
    no. 38

  8. Interesting and beautiful journal :-)
    And I love Your backround, it is amaising.
    Happy WOYWW :-)

  9. So glad your class went well! Your attitude that you are learning too will make you into the best teacher! I have taught literature for more years than I care to remember and I think that is the key to good teaching: humility, learning with your students and being able to learn from them too! I wish I could fly over to one of your classes! I love what you did in your mini journal. Journalling is a great way to express emotion, I agree! Hope you and the grandchildren have a lovely time together! Julie Ann xx #42

  10. So glad your class went well and you enjoyed it as much as they did. Love your lime green cubby holes - I do like lime, it always seems so fresh. Great pages in your journal and what a lovely tribute to your late husband.
    Jumbo spray ink pads, not heard of them - must investigate but I must not buy.
    Hugs, Neet 25 xx (thanks for visiting me - I was asleep)
    ps PO's are a nuisance and I wish they did not exist as they do, it is a worry that this old ash tree might shed branches which could hit someone - now we have to pay for them to be examined and that means one heck of a lot of trees around our huge garden. Oh bother! No craft money!

  11. I love Dyan's journals and the ink pads look fab. I did a weekend class with her a couple of months ago and had the best time. Glad the class went well. Hugs. Pam#36

  12. Oh Janene so much to comment on today will start from the bottom then go up! Wonderful journal pages what a fitting tribute. The small Dyan journal - must get my paws on that one.
    The Cuttlebug - no need to justify the longer plates (although I did struggle with the short ones for some time!)
    I first needed the longer "B" ones for the bigger Sizzix dies including with the Tim Holtz alphabet then I bought the tattered lace strip die and then just HAD to the have longer "C" plate too! DO shop around as the prices can vary a lot try this supplier
    Thanks for popping by BJ#6

  13. That is a beautiful journal page there - such wonderful vibrant colours and a sentiment full of life and love.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  14. What exquisite art journal pages of you and Steve! Remarkable work, Janene! A beautiful tribute to his place in your heart.

    I, too, need to invest in the extended Cuttlebug plates. They are on my wish list!

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

    Lynn #31

  15. I really like seeing all the inky goodness on your desk. That page is a wonderful tribute to you late husband. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #3

  16. beautiful page! the ink pads look interesting, I saw a demo video of them! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #15

  17. What a beautifully busy desk Janene, love all your enthusiasm, you sound full of ideas. Your page for your husband is wonderful too. Wednesdays come around much quicker now you're part of WOYWW, they seem to define my weeks at any rate! The year does seem to have sped past this time, we're coming into Autumn in my neck of the woods so I'll be wearing those new socks soon! I tend to only make small projects anyway, socks, hats, scarves etc, they're quickly made and finished. One day I might work up to a jumper or cardigan, I'll see!!

    Brenda 7

  18. Loving the sound of those pads, still. MIL had a ton of some pads called Big and Juicy, that were rainbow stripes and they were so fun to use. I love your page and can feel the love in it. wonderful

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (22)

  19. Hi Janene! I have to love another messy desk person. My desk is never tidy, eveb when I try. Sounds like you are having fun with your new goodies! And now the are blessed. The page you did for your late hubby is beautiful. Rasz #120

  20. Looks lived in like my space. I can't wait to get the new small journal. Have fun with the grand babies.

  21. great desk .... so much going on but there is ages until .... you know when don't panic!
    I did the same as you I brought an alphabet die ... then realised I needed the longer plate... oh well I do use it a lot because it gave me an excuse to buy more long dies hehe.
    hope you had fun with the grandees and you get time to play with some hot glue
    janet #47

  22. Hi Janene. I overheard a sales assistant talking about the many crates of Xmas gear arriving next week at my local Spotlight store..It's coming!!Once Spring arrives, the time seems to speed up. It's Spring here in Oz.
    Love your busy desk.It must be fun seeing people lerning new things that you have taught.
    Thanks for the visit.I'm a new follower.
    Judy #26

  23. Hi Janene I've just started doing the rounds of desks today, so thank you for being an early bird and visiting my desk already. I am so jealous of your new Dylusions goodies, I have to pull my finger out and get some ordered. And I am off to see in what part of Oz you live might be close by. Enjoy prepping for your new classes and I can't wait to see more of your lovely creations. Danie #62

  24. I love how you call yourself an art supply junkie. Seems appropriate from all that new stuff you are playing with. Happy belated WOYWW from #2.

  25. I am another art supply junkie, especially if it comes from Clarity. I struggled in the shop at the Wollaton workshop - I just wanted to take the complete contents home. Glad to hear your class went well and I hope the next is just as successful. xx Maggie #12